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Feya Co. strongly believes a little imagination and a whole lot of passion is the recipe for greatness; throw the craving for crafting and you’ve got the secret to how we were born! We love providing you with our 100% soy candles that not only fill the room with amazing scents, but fill bellies around the world too!

As we create more products in our Original and Wanderlust lines, we are eager for you to get your hands on all of the smells. But, what do you do with all those leftover jars? Being friendly to our planet is one of our companies primary goals and although we want you to try out all of our candles, we definitely don’t want to produce more waste in this world.  

Keep reading to discover several different ways you can reduce by recycling and reusing your Feya Candle Jars in not only fun, but useful ways! 

Once you’ve burned your sweet smelling candles down to their last drops of wax you can simply bake the containers at 200 F keeping an eye on them, once they're melty, pop on your kitchen gloves and wipe with paper towels (bounty is the best!). Then, wash the jars with soap and warm water to remove any additional residue. After you’ve completed these steps the possibilities are endless when it comes to up-cycling your Feya Candle jar. 

1.) Beauty Supply Jar

Some of our favorite uses for empty jars are storing Q-tips or cotton pads in the restroom. The jars can be left as they are or you can take them to the next level using the design tips mentioned above. The glass jars are easy to clean and a nice touch to keeping your restroom organized as well as allowing you to have easy access to hygiene products used on a daily basis. Let’s not stop there though! These jars are great for storing hair accessories like headbands, bobby pins, elastic hair ties, plus beauty products like makeup brushes and sponges. 

Decorative, printed duct tape is a great way to change the look of the jar depending on the look you’re trying to go for and what you’d like to match. You can even line the inside of the jars with gift-wrapping tissue paper and seal them with a little bit of sealant glue, like Mod Podge, that dries clear. This is a fun way to brighten things up or subtly mix in some patterns amongst your current decor. If you’re feeling really artsy, spray paint is a great base to use for the jar and leaves plenty of room to accent unique designs with acrylic paint as a way to let your inner Van Gogh out. 

2.) Planter

Our jars are the absolute perfect planter size for indoor plants such as succulents or small ferns, and they are easy to grow! Just fill the bottom of your container 1/2 in with rocks to help with water drainage, and the rest with soil. We filled our planter with sage, parsley and basil seeds! As this process can be messy, it’s a good way to get the kids involved outside! You can give these adorable plants as a gift, or keep for yourself to take care of. And if you ever need to, you can move plants to a larger planter. This is one of our favorite summertime activities!

3.) Office Supply Jar

Everyone has the notorious ‘junk drawer’ and it’s usually filled with tons of office supplies that you always need but can never find, am I right? Feya Candle jars are awesome alternatives to the endless search for what you need and they are a nice touch to any business or home office. Next time you find yourself looking for a pen or paperclip, grab an empty Feya jar and fill it up! You can store an assortment of office supplies and never waste a minute wondering where they are again. Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, scissors, paper or binder clips, thumb tacks, sticky notes, tape, glues sticks, and paint brushes are just some examples of things you can fill your jars with. 

To avoid countertop clutter, you can get rid of the build up by placing your coins, as well as your jewelry or watches, in the jars and never stress about having last minute guests come over and ‘judging’ your home. They’ll probably ask you where you got the jars and you can share how your purchases have provided meals. What a great way to start the conversation! 

4.) Whiskey Glass

Last but certainly not least, have you ever noticed how our containers are the same as whiskey glasses?? Well, that may have been what persuaded our Chief Candle Lady, Sarah that they are perfect. After cleaning out your what used to be a candle jar, you’ll be pleased to be able to sip on some whiskey whenever you feel! Cheers!

Like we said, the possibilities to reuse your Feya Candle Co. jars are endless and these are just a few of our ideas. Share your ideas with us and let us know how you upcycle your jars! Be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can keep share your favorite ways to reuse!

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  • Kathy

    Hi…I was wondering if the Feya label comes off? I can get all the candle parts cleaned out, but would like to get the label off too. Any ideas. Thanks Kathy

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