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At Feya, our smelly goods will always give back. As we create new products that each have their own giving initiative, we felt like it was the right time to give Feya a new look!

The package makeover has been in the works for awhile, as the Feya team had so much fun picking and choosing the perfect color to represent each of our heavenly fragrances. A couple other packaging updates are our brand new glassware design as well as a new Feya 'f' logo mark. Our new glassware now features the phonetic spelling of "feya" - as we know it can be difficult to pronounce! :) We also make it known what we are all about as a company, which is providing you: "goods that will always give back. good for you, good for your home, and good for the world."

You’ll see that the new Feya Co. designs have brightened things up and brought in lots of color to our products! Each product now has its very own exclusive color that coordinates with the scent. We are re-releasing twelve of our most popular scents first with their new look and then will continue to release other scents seasonally. 

We went with eye catching oranges for French Vanilla & Amber, Caribbean Salsa and Dreamsicle. We chose a deep and mesmerizing maroon for Black Oak Currant, while Brown Sugar & Fig and Lavender were given a toned down purple in comparison, and striking yellow for Sage & Lemongrass, just to name a few. Other scents that will be released under this design relaunch include: Sandalwood, White Tea & Ginger, Bergamot & Grapefruit, Pear Spice, Cranberry Apple Marmalade. You can view them all on our website here.

Each of our candles are USA made, made with 100% soy, use natural wicks, are cruelty-free, vegan, additive-free, non-gmo, skin safe, and do not use any palm wax! Feya Co.’s new packaging includes a personal signature from us alongside our same great mission we hold near and dear to our hearts; each candle provides meals to those in need and is hand-poured by our Chief Candle Lady, Sarah. With your help, we are able to undoubtedly be the best smelling give-back company there is and help others one candle at a time!

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any better, we went ahead and created a 20oz candle option for each of our twelve signature scents. Our 20oz candles burn for 135 hours versus the 45 hour burn time on our 6.5oz option. This triples the time you have for good smells to fill the air. This new, larger candle option also provides an additional meal to a child in need. For only $30 you are able to provide two meals to someone in need around the world and enjoy a 20oz delightfully smelling candle made with love. Treating yourself, or someone else, has never felt or smelt like this. Feya Co. makes it easy for you to give back and feel good!

We’re not stopping there though! Our team has been working nonstop and we are proud to announce that we are almost complete with filling our largest reed diffuser order with Causebox that is scheduled to be included in their summer Causebox! We are absolutely in love with this product. Our 5oz reed diffusers use natural rattan reeds to deliver constant fragrance. Each purchase of our reed diffuser goes towards providing clean water in places that need it the most.

Not super familiar with how to use a reed diffuser? Don’t worry! We got you! First, take off the lid, set it somewhere stable, then unwrap the reeds and insert them into the Feya diffuser bottle. Want the most fragrance? Use all reeds! If you'd like less fragrance, use less reeds. For the best results, flip your reeds over after about an hour and re-insert them into the bottle. Do this every time your diffuser fragrances needs a refresher which should be about every other week. Enjoy your Feya Diffuser until the oil is all gone! We have 5oz reed diffusers available in the same twelve signature scents as our candles that we mentioned above for $24 each. 

Coming soon we'll show you how to re-use your reed diffuser bottle!

You can find all of these amazing new products, along with our soaps, on our website and have them delivered straight to your door. You can also join our Candle of the Month Club! When you join the club you can expect a specially selected candle delivered to your door each month! For the month of June we’re featuring Sage & Lemongrass. Sign up for $12.75 per month to receive our 6.5oz candles or $22.50 for our 20oz varieties. Each month, we will send you our Candle of the Month that correlates perfectly with the season, while providing meals to those in need around the world. 

Thanks for letting us share our recent achievements with you! We hope you are as excited about the Feya Co. revamp as we are! We have a lot more where that came from and are all about positive change. Stay connected and visit our website for more announcements worth celebrating and important upcoming Feya Co. events.


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