How to care for you candles!

Just like most of the things we use on a daily basis, candles need care.

It seems simple enough to light a candle, get a great fragrance and be done - but there's a lot more to know about your candles to get the best experience possible!

  1. Wicks need love - After your first use, before you light your candle again - make sure to trim your wick to about 1/4 in before your next use - this will give you a cleaner burn and give your candle HOURS more of burn life!

  2. A full burn is better - If you light your candles for short periods of time, it's best to light them until they burn straight across (make sure you can see a pool of wax hitting all sides of the glass container before blowing it out) this will give you an even pour, no more wasted wax!

  3. Reuse that container! We use only the best glassware, clean it out with a little heat (we pop our glass in the oven for a few min at 200 degrees, then wipe out with a paper towel, make sure to wear kitchen gloves!). Then check out our recommendations for reusing your Feya containers around the house in this our blog, Recycling Never Smelled So Good.


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