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Mint Nature's Bug Oil - Mosquito Repellant

Mint Nature's Bug Oil - Mosquito Repellant

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Feya's Nature's Bug Oil mosquito repellent with Mint fragrance is made with 98%+ natural oils, skin safe, and tested better than commercially sold DEET products for repellency*! 

Enjoy your outdoor adventures while staying safe - these roll on bug oils are perfect to put in your pocket, slide into your backpack, or always have handy in a drawer at home.

Every pack sold helps provide mosquito nets in places that need them most. 

To use: use roller ball to roll a small amount of oil directly to skin, wrists, ankles, behind the ears and behind the knees are the areas we recommend! Reapply every 30 min for maximum repellency. 

*tests against commercially sold DEET products was conducted at Iowa State University Biopesticide laboratory, statistically tested within the same repellency category as DEET products, however were both numerically more repellent*

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