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Dreamsicle Reed Diffuser Refill

Dreamsicle Reed Diffuser Refill

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Skip the waste & save with reed diffusers refills! Fresh oil and a new pack of reeds - simply use a mini funnel to pour your refill into your existing diffuser bottle. 

Remember those days of chasing down the ice cream truck with mom’s dollar bills, the moment you sink your teeth in to that orange -creamsicle and everything is perfect?? Yeah. It’s like that.

Each reed diffuser goes towards providing clean water in places that need it most.  

How to transfer your diffuser refill:

  1. Empty and clean out your Feya diffuser glass (we find a simple rinse with dawn dish soap is best) let dry, discard old reeds.

  2. Place a funnel into the top of your Feya diffuser glass, uncap your refill bottle and slowly pour your new oil inside

  3. Insert your new reeds and bask in your new Feya fragrance!

Purchase a mini funnel

If a spill occurs: Our oils are very concentrated and are not meant for contact with skin or furniture

  1. Wash hands and skin immediately

  2. Clean any surface the oil has spilled on, using a grease fighting soap, don't allow oils to sit on surfaces.

  3. If contact with eyes occurs, wash out with water for 15 minutes.

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Dreamsicle Reed Diffuser

Your reed diffuser refill comes with a pack of reeds - but we all need a little refresh now and then. Order a fresh pack of reeds to recharge your Feya reed diffusers:

Pack of reeds


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