About Feya Candle Co.

Our Story

Chief Candle Lady Sarah Spitsen began the company in her home, selling to friends and at the farmer’s market, eventually moving into a brick and mortar store in 2010. Retail was great but she knew there was something more... Lucky enough to be raised by strong women, Sarah named Feya after two of those amazing influences and decided to create a company that lives like they lived: by giving back to others and making the world a better place. 

Our compassion for human life and our love of others goes into every product we make. Inspired by the love of family and the love of food, every candle sold provides meals to children in need. For every bar of soap sold, we donate one to a homeless shelter or mission. Every reed diffuser provides clean water to places in need around the world. Join us on our mission to change the world- one candle at a time!

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Feya + Akira

Feya has been working closely with Akira Coffee Co, and as of March 2020 we officially merged with Akira to not only create more great products, but to increase the way we give back! Akira creates ethically sourced coffee, tea and honey products and has been giving back through the Feya Foundation since 2019. Their commitment to ethical products and making sure that every sale has an impact made it clear that they are the perfect fit for the Feya team.

David Sievers is the CEO and Founder of Akira Coffee Co. where we work together to create brands for creators, allowing us to give more than ever.

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Starting small making candles as a hobby was a side project for Sarah in her last few years of college. A year after graduation farmer's markets and friends/family asking to buy her candles inspired her to go big and open a store. Hallow Candle Co in Lincoln NE opened with handmade candles and home goods from 2010-December 31, 2013. At this point Sarah had hit a rough patch in life and was forced to close the store. Road blocks can only hold you up for so long. She decided this was not the time to give up, and on January 1, 2014, she created and launched Feya Candle Co with the intention that the Feya goods would always work to make the world a better place. Inspired by her granny Faye & aunt Pamela who taught her how to cook, how to be resilient and how to love people unconditionally. Unfortunately they had passed a few years prior, but armed with the lessons and love they gave, she built the company that will forever live as they lived.

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Starting his entrepreneurial journey young, David has owned and operated companies from mail sorting, to influencer management, coffee and an amazing stint as a Disney executive. His passion for business and unique problem solving lead him to the creation of Akira Coffee Co., a much needed solution for influencers to create long term financial success in a difficult industry. David has always had a dedication to doing more good, so when the Feya Foundation made it's way to his radar, he jumped at the opportunity to work together and the Feya + Akira merger soon followed!

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Kenzie, our Director of Aesthetic Development for Feya, joined the team in 2017 while she finished her degree in Graphic Design & Media Arts. She originally joined the Feya team to redesign the Feya packaging, and grew from there! She's in charge of making all things beautifuuuuul. From package design to managing and designing websites, and extending to photography and social media. When she isn't behind her computer, Kenzie loves to travel and explore new places that will inspire her as she learns about new cultures.

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Regen, our Event Maestro for Feya, joined the team in 2017 and has held many different roles. Completely talented in everything she does, she’s been Sarah’s right hand gal, helped plan tours, and managed our temporary retail location at Gateway Mall. Regen is bright, bubbly, and hopes to be a COO one day! Regen is our go-to communications gal by processing invoices, maintaining relations with our department stores, and is running our Feya Foundation so that we are able to give and do MORE around the world.