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Bergamot & Grapefruit

Bergamot & Grapefruit

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A delightful combination of natural Bergamot fragrance, combined with the tart and uplifting grapefruit we all know and love.

Each 20oz soy wax candle provides 2 meals to someone in need around the world. 

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Customer Reviews

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Regina Childress
Received as a gift and will be ordering more!

I’m not usually a big grapefruit fan, but I received this candle as a gift and burned it in my guest bathroom. Several people commented on the fragrance, and I found myself enjoying it so much I moved it to my own bathroom. The scent is noticeable and beautiful but subtle at the same time. It is a bright fragrance, but not overly sweet or citrus scented. Complex a delightful. This candle also was one of the cleanest burning candles I’ve used in a very long time, even compared to some very high end department store and boutique candles. Zero smoke, crystal clear wax, just lovely.

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