Goat Milk Soap - The Benefits.

We've created a goat milk soap that will leave you and your skin refreshed and happy, no matter what your skin type is! Even for those who are extra sensitive to scents, or you prefer to exclude fragrance from your soap - we've made an unscented soap just for you. 

Our unscented soap comes with all of the benefits you find in our other soap scents. Whether you choose to try out our unscented soap or one of our scented soap options, all of our gentle and nourishing soaps are created with our favorite moisturizing component, goat milk. 

The benefits? Keep reading to learn about what you've been missing in your soap. Your skin will thank you. 


Natural Nourishing Properties :

  • Saturated and unsaturated fats found in goat milk creates a bubbly lather while avoiding the removal of you skin's natural fatty acids.
  • Goat milk is filled with fatty acids and cholesterol - lacking these components may dry your skin.


Anti-Aging & Helps Prevent Acne :

  • Because goat milk is a natural exfoliant - our soap gently removes dead skin cells which helps to prevent acne when your pores are clean and not irritated.
  • The gentle removal of dead skin cells also creates a youthful complexion - this is the result of lactic acid found in goat milk.


Healthy For All Skin Types :

  • Goat milk soap is gentle. The creamy properties even tend well to conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin as a result of its non-stripping properties that keeps your skin moisturized. 
  • If you are specifically sensitive to fragrances or have allergies, we recommend our Unscented Soap


Our soap is handcrafted in Lincoln, Nebraska with the highest quality ingredients. And on top of it all - we donate a bar of soap to shelter or mission in need for every soap you purchase. 

We love to keep your skin glowing, your home smelling divine - and more than anything, we love creating a better world for us all. 

Shop our scented soaps: White Tea & Ginger, French Vanilla & Amber, Brown Sugar & Fig, Lavender, Cranberry Apple Marmalade, Sandalwood








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