Refresh your home this Spring!

Spring has sprung and this season we are staying inside to plank the curve instead of soaking up the sun and smelling the flowers blooming outdoors. This year has taken a turn and many of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home than usual. During this time it is vital to keep self care at the core of our focuses in order to manage the current stresses of our world and the effect it has on our personal lives. Having the opportunity to hang around the house, binge watch Netflix, create an at-home exercise plan, try out new recipes, and rest has been very much welcomed during this time.

We are enjoying this reset and using the time to fill the areas of our lives we haven’t been able to devote attention to. There isn’t anything quite like getting lost in a creative project or the entertaining world of memes, however at this point in our social distancing most of us have checked off all our to-do list tasks and are experiencing chronic text neck.

A great way to dust off the quarantine blues is by opening up the windows to let in fresh air, lighting your favorite Feya candle, and diving deep into a day of spring cleaning!

We know that finding the motivation to get started on a cleaning project can be the most difficult part, especially if we are not allowed to go anywhere and have no reason to change out of our pajamas. We want to share a few of our favorite activities with you that help us get a spring in our step! 

Allowing yourself to have a regular sleep schedule and wake up naturally makes all the difference to how you feel throughout your day! If we want to have a good day tomorrow, we start the day before by taking a nice hot shower or bath before bed with our handmade Feya Lavender soap. This soap helps to settle our minds and increase feelings of relaxation.

There is a plethora of research that has been done to suggest that lavender tends to have a positive effect on mood, stress, anxiety, and depression.

That’s the very reason why we also like to light a Feya Lavender candle on our nightstand so the scent accompanies us as we get ready to head off to dreamland. The lavender aroma aids in removing nervous exhaustion and restlessness while increasing mental activity that aids in conscious dreaming. After a good night’s sleep you’re ready to take on the day! Waking up and thinking about three things you are grateful for is a wonderful way to keep your spirits high.

We at Feya are always so thankful to you, our customers, for supporting us and our products which in turn helps us provide a meal for every candle sold to a child in need. Together, we help make the world a better place! With school closures and the rise in food scarcity we have the opportunity now, more than ever, to lend a helping hand. 

As you wake up and jump out of bed with a fresh sense of hope and gratitude for the day, cleanse yourself with a cool shower and our White Tea & Ginger soap to strengthen your immune system, boost your mood, and invigorate your senses.

After feeling so fresh and so clean, it’s time to match your inner world to your outer world! Light up Feya’s Sage & Lemongrass candle to help clear and cleanse the air and tune into your favorite high vibe playlist to get groovin’.

Setting the tone for a fun and motivating work space is the key to cleaning success! Draft a to-do list, breaking tasks down into smaller jobs and prioritizing them accordingly. Start with one project at a time and give yourself plenty of break for singing and dancing. Each time you finish a task, reward yourself with a nice cup of tea or a healthy snack. Before you know it you’ll be shuffling around your beautifully sparkling space and feeling an overjoy of accomplishment. More than anything we hope you revel in the comforts of self care these actions cultivate while staying at home, sweet home! 

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