Gift Ideas for the Girlfriend!


Gift Giving Guide: For the Girlfriend! These gifts perfectly fit both her classy and sassy sides. 


A 'Sunny Days' accessory from Impact Lovely is fun and versatile, while spicing up all of her outfits! She can even get inspiration from this look book - bonus points!

Speaking of sunny days... while she dreams of your next beach vacation together, she can always reminisce and dream of paradise through our Caribbean Salsa candle.



Impact Lovely is a non-profit accessories brand that supports local and international humanitarian and conservation organizations. Impact Lovely was inspired by owner, Spencer's, late grandmother, an English woman who described everything as lovely. Like her grandmother, this brand represents elegance, hard work, selflessness, and feminine strength. Their mission is to provide accessories that will make women feel elegant, beautiful, and strong, while impacting change from Nebraska to Uganda.

Follow Impact Lovely on their social platforms to keep up with how they are positively impacting the world. You can find them on InstagramFacebook, or visit their website at

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